Sunday, December 28, 2008

Flower Delivery in Sacramento, Buy Local

In this time of economic turmoil, it is hard to tolerate retail companies who take a customer’s money without fully disclosing who they are or where their money goes. In particular I’m referring to companies who pose as local florists, but in fact, are just order-gatherers. They appear in the phone book as “Flowers in Sacramento” or “Sacramento Florist” or something similar. Most of the time they are only a local phone number attached to an out-of-state order desk. They take the order, charge big service or delivery fees, then assure the customer that they will process and deliver the order as specified. Little does the customer know what happens next.

The order-gatherer will attempt to find a real florist in the delivery area who will do the work for a discounted price. The discount is hefty. Many times the local florist who fills the order will only get 73% of the order value to actually fill the order. So, for example, if you order a $50 arrangement, you will pay $50 plus a $15.00 delivery or service fee plus tax, or about $70 for the order. The filling florist will get about $48.00 to fill and deliver your order. (You have to ask yourself, how motivated would I be to work for 73% of my wage?) The order-gatherer gets about $22.00 just for answering the phone and taking the order.

There’s an easy way to save money when ordering flowers out-of-town. An Internet search on “flowers Sacramento, CA”, for example, will yield an abundant list of florists, but be careful. Select a florist who has a street address in the ZIP code of the recipient. This will guarantee you have selected a real florist who has a real shop, and who will make and deliver your arrangement, usually at a lower cost than an order-gatherer. If you can’t find a street address associated with the phone number, chances are there isn’t one. This is the first tip-off that the business is just an order-gatherer, not a real florist.

So there you have it. You win with a real florist every time. No “buds” about it!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Local Florist in Sacramento

The presidential election is over, and it looks like the $650 million plus dollars in campaign contributions worked and the source of the contributions would not be looked into. However, people's attention is now directed to the poor economy.
There are several floral shops that have now closed because of the economic situation we're in. Those of us that are open are just trying to hang in there and hope to survive until the economy improves.
In the meantime, we try to be creative and innovative with our floral designs, our plants, and gift offerings to differentiate ourselves from grocery stores, big box or hardware stores. We are a local florist where brides can get affordable bridal bouquets at a very affordable price, a local florist that out of town customers can call for last minute orders for delivery in the metro Sacramento, Ca area, Roseville and Elk Grove.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sacramento, CA is in a sad state

As a small business owner, it is hard not to worry in this shaky economy. I especially fear that a lot of small businesses will have difficulty surviving if Obama gets elected. He speaks so eloquently, but that's because he has teleprompter in fron of him, but when he doesn't, he stumbles with his words. It looks like he is so pessimistic about the situation, but doesn't really have a solution to speak of. He can't even decide if the government's action on AIG was the right thing or wrong move to take, and he thinks AIG is American Insurance Group. It is scary, and then his VP says that it is "patriotic" to pay more taxes. That is scary!
Here in Sacramento, CA, there are people demonstrating and demanding that they be allowed to use financial aid and pay in-state fees to go to college. These people are illegal immigrants! My first born couldn't and wasn't eligible for in-state fees and financial aid so she stayed in WA state when we moved to Sacramento, CA. We are Americans, and we didn't demand that our children be afforded in-state college fee even if we worked hard and paid taxes to the government. How could illegal immigrants have the nerve to demonstrate and demand benefits they do not deserve?

I hope that there are more people that realize that the Democratic candidates will cause them more harm, than good. That they realize, that McCain and Palin are sincere and speak from their heart and gut and really will try hard to improve the US government.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Small Sacramento Florist in a Shaky Economy

The headlines scream with gloom and doom, the Democrats blaming the Bush government for the financial crisis and the media wondering and sort of implying that there will be more large banks that will be affected after the rescue of AIG, and showing how the world is very much affected.

So, in our small corner of the world, how are we being affected?

The last few days, there have been fewer people buying flowers from our flower shop. The phone calls were mostly solicitation calls, people trying to sell their services from credit card processing, to website promotion, search marketing optimization, and a lot of hang-up calls.

The election is very much distressing to small business people like us. Being in a blue state with a large number of electoral votes, and a lot of outspoken liberal actors, I fear and I'm angry that people are not only convinced about the Democrats, but are also so very negative and derogatory towards the Republican candidate and his VP choice.

I just read about an article on the root of this financial crisis. Bernake's report implies that the congress in the Clinton era had a very big hand in the root of this crisis. That's why Obama is very much against investigating the cause of this crisis, while McCain is demanding a commission. And whoever is elected will not have much to do to solve it. The congress, majority of which is democrats, has a much more active role in working on the financial regulations. It's a scary thought to have the democrats get elected, it's not good for small business owners like us. There might not be too many Mom & Pops survive the many regulations, taxations, and other expenses specially since they plan to fund more social issues, better and more benefits to illegal immigrants who get better financial aid for their illegal immigrant children while my children have to struggle to support themselves in college because they are not qualified and they are American born to American parents and they speak English but can't speak Spanish. While we have to purchase our own health insurance, the Democrats finance benefits for illegals to get free medical care.

I hope and pray that the red states come through for the Republicans. McCain is a real American, he's more for fiscal responsibility, spending only the money that you have, and he's been fighting pork barrel earmarks for a long time. He has shown how hard working he is for the American people, he also has been able to get the other side work with him. It's too scary to be lead by a person that is there because of the support of millions of dollars from Fannie Mae and Freddie mac, and the influential movie moguls who are so liberal and too too to the left.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gifts for Guys, Delivered by Sacramento Florist

For affordable gifts for guys, select balloons and chocolates or candy bouquet. If you are planning on sending a gift to his workplace or office the perfect gift to give is a green plant. Here is one that is perfect for an office desk, long lasting tropical plants in a very cute weber grill. Very compact, very affordable and long lasting gift he'll love.

Another take on this weber grille gift is a candy bouquet as follows:
Any of these two gifts are unique, and exclusively offered only by A Vanity Fair Florist, a family owned local florist here in Sacramento, CA.

Friday, April 04, 2008

A Little Flower Shop in Sacramento, CA

Most small business owners in the Sacramento area are looking for ways to drum up business. As a small business owner, I get so much phone calls from telemarketers promising to send business my way. One caller claimed their directory gets thousands of potential customers, claiming that they get a lot of web surfers searching for Sacramento florists. One company asked me to type certain keywords to show that their directory is on the top listing. Trouble is they are asking so much money, money that will eat up into the small budget that we small business owners work with.
Another caller used the same line, a promise to send more customers to our website. They can optimize our site and we'll find our site on the top listing on the search engines within a week. It's annoying sometimes to get so many calls each day of the week, taking our precious time on our main business - which is retailing of flowers and gifts and looking for simple and affordable ways to attract more business.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sacramento CA and the Economy

With the housing market in a tight spot here in the Sacramento area and the price of gas is now over 3 bucks, I wonder how the floral industry will fare in this state of our economy. A few flower shops closed and a couple are up for sale.
The December sales are slightly down from last year, I wonder how our valentine sale will be. I have lowered my expectations and I'm not buying roses as much as last year, and yet, I'm hoping for the best. Not only do I have to prepare for that one day, I also need to prepare for a wedding for the Sunday after valentine. Thank goodness, weddings and funeral work are still a large part of the business of a florist. Weddings and funeral work haven't yet been invaded by walmart or the drug stores or grocery stores.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Affordable Florists Are in Your Local City

Affordable florists are in your neighborhood. Just look around your neighborhood, and you might find not one but a couple of flower shops to choose from. In my neighborhood, I just discovered that there are actually 2 florists at the corner shopping center, each facing each other and separated only by a parking lot access street. Amazing! But it is nice to just walk in and see what each one offers, select the freshest flowers, or plants, balloons or other gifts to send to friends or loved ones.
If you need flowers sent out of town, chances are you'll look online and search for florist in that town or city. Often times, the florists that pop up first are the big wire service providers that send orders nationally. But beware, even with their advertisement of saving you money, it usually just means that your recipient of flowers will not get the best value for your money.

Upon opening the phone book, one usually finds big and attractive ads of florists. Most local florists would only be able to afford small ads and the ads show their exact address and their local phone numbers. The big ads would usually have their 800 numbers and occasionally have a local number but would not disclose their actual address or location. If you call their 800 number you could potentially be calling a call center not only out-of-town, but out of the country!

Here's top 5 reasons for calling and ordering from your real local florist:
1 You get the best value for your money; you won't get charged any handling or shipping fee. The only fee added to your order of flowers is their standard delivery fee, and the applicable sales tax.
2 You get to speak directly to the florist who knows what is the freshest flower in stock, the flowers in season, and can answer any of your questions and concerns, and give you suggestions if you need any. And if you have any custom design in mind, the florist can make it to your specifications.
3 You can be assured that your flowers will be delivered promptly. The local florist knows the area very well, is familiar with the policies of funeral homes and hospitals in their delivery area, and if your order needs to be there at a certain time, you can communicate it directly with the florist.
4 In a rush, you have a better chance of having your delivery delivered the same day if you call the florist directly.
5 By talking to the local florist, you will get a feel of whether they will take care of your order with care or not. You can give them special instructions on how to handle the order or delivery, i.e, the recipient is hard of hearing, or is slow to get to the door.

So, the next time you need flowers, visit your local florist, you'll save a lot more than the $5.00 dollar coupon from the national flower wire sending service. In Sacramento, use A Vanity Fair Florist - the most affordable florist in Sacramento, CA.