Thursday, November 16, 2006

Shop at a Real Flowershop

Real florists - those of us who have brick and mortar shops, know
flowers, and our local area have a real challenge when it comes to
competition, not with other florists in the general area, but with
online businesses that claim to be local florists delivering in Sacramento.
If you are planning to order flowers or centerpieces, balloons,
candles, roses or plants for your loved ones in Sacramento, CA, we are online; check
us out at, or stop by and see our
wide selection of Thanksgiving centerpieces, or autumn flowers, plants, and other gifts. You might just find the perfect gift or plant, or fresh flowers that you'll find more affordable and fresher than ones you'll get at the grocery store.
Real Sacramento Florist

Monday, November 13, 2006

Hot Apple Cider on this cold autumn day

With the rain last night and the moisture it created, the air is nippy which makes it nice to stay indoors and watch the leaves falling from the trees.
Take this moment to plan and send a smile, or express your appreciation for your loved ones. We have bright and cheerful flower arrangement for the dinner table, or the coffee table, balloons or plush toys, or plants.
Make a pot of hot apple cider, make a list of things to do, stay warm and dry.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Remember our Veterans

On Nov. 11th, we celebrate Veteran's Day. I have 2 cousins who died serving this country. My father-in-law served in the Navy and he died 2 years ago on Veteran's day, so we will go to the cemetary, like so many families who lost their loved ones in wars that this country has been involved in, to visit their gravesite and leave fresh flowers to honor the great sacrifice they willingly offered.
We will also have red, white and blue flowers, that customers from out of town ordered to be delivered in gravesites, which we will deliver in honor of our veterans.
For those celebrating a serviceman, here's a red, white and blue bouquet in a glass cube - a patriotic tribute for Veteran’s Day… or to welcome home someone who’s served our country. A clear glass cube vase. The bouquet includes red roses and carnations, white daisy spray chrysanthemums, and accent flowers, and a miniature American flag.
God Bless America!