Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sacramento Wedding Flowers -A Style for every Bride

In the past, many of the decisions made during the planning were based around traditions. Today, we still incorporate tradition, but often, contemporary weddings now showcase the individuality of the brides and also of the grooms.
Despite the explosion of individuality, one tradition endures: Fresh flowers remain at the heart of the event, symbolizing its beauty and solemnity.
Flowers provide the bride a beautiful opportunity to express her own unique style.
10 Things to Know before you consult your florist
  1. Your wedding budget, including the amount available for flowers.
  2. Your vision or concept of the event.
  3. The style and color of your dress.
  4. Number of attendants and the style and color of their outfits.
  5. Other people who will need flowers such as flower girl/s, mothers and grandmothers, sponsors, etc,
  6. Location and time of the ceremony and reception
  7. Any restrictions imposed at the ceremony and reception.
  8. Format of the reception, i.e., sit down dinner, buffet, etc.
  9. The floral styles you like. Bring magazine pictures, bouquet styles, and mention to the florist what flowers you don't like.
  10. The services you need the florist to provide, such as transporting the flowers from the ceremony to the reception, etc.

For more information about your dream flowers, visit your local florist at the flowershop or check out the website at:

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Sacramento Florist - flower delivery

Ordering flowers online is easy, but ordering flowers online from your neighborhood florist is easier, and you get more value for your money. No time to stop by for a gift you need today? Call your local florist where you can get good suggestions for what to send. Most florists offer not only flowers but also plush toys, novelty items like singing balloons, lucky bamboo for good feng shui, etc. To express your sympathy to someone who lost a loved one, local florists would be able to deliver to the home or to the church or to the mortuary or cemetery.
For a list of reliable local sacramento florists visit this site:

Monday, August 28, 2006

Roses for you

Roses are men's best friend. Men order roses for their special girl for birthdays, anniversaries, or just a pick-me-up for down days. For proms, most order corsage of roses. My brother-in-law have beautiful rose plants in his yard in Vallejo. Most of his roses are the hybrid type. My husband bought me a rose plant one valentine's day because he said he'll be saving a ton of money by having fresh roses from the garden every valentines day. Unfortunately, we lived in WA state then, and the rose bush produced flowers only during summer when there was less rain, and the sun peeked more often.
There are several types of roses:
- Floribunda - used in landscapes because these have showy clusters of flowers on top of the stems.
- Grandiflora - rose flowers are larger than those of the Floribunda, have multiple flowers on a single stem and can grow tall.
- Shrub rose - used in landscapes because of their shrub character, stays evergreen during winter.
- Miniature - sometimes called baby roses, perfect for containers, good container plant for gift giving.
- Hybrid Tea - This is the florist-type rose because it has a single flower on long stems, but generally prone to disease, so these need a lot of care.
- Groundcover rose- can grow to 3 ft tall but spreads to 6 to 8 ft., disease resistant and stays evergreen during mild winters.

The most fragrant cut rose is lavender, however, this opens up quickly and don't last long.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sacramento Florist Delivery

An e-florist from Old Saybrook Connecticut sent me an order for 18 roses of mix colors for delivery the same day at a particular time. I went to their website which showed they had a $5.00 off special for the week; however, they charged an additional $2.99 for same day delivery and $11.99 for handling fee. Poor customer from Sacramento had no idea that he was ordering from an e-florist who cannot deliver what was ordered. The e-florist sent the order for the amount of the flowers, but not the handling fee or the amount they collected for same day delivery.I sent the order to another florist in town. The next day, I again get a call from the e-florist asking if I could deliver 18 roses to the same person.
Their customer must be very unhappy with his order because the delivery is now late for his anniversary. In this case, even if the e-florist sends all the money paid to him, I would not accept the order - their customer might think that it was my flower shop that dropped the ball.
If the customer was more diligent in his search for a florist that could deliver his flower order, he would have found our flowershop - it is listed on the first page of the Yahoo and the MSN search engine for search terms - Sacramento florist, or florist Sacramento. He could have saved more money since we don't charge handling fee nor same day delivery fee and we are having a rose special this month.

For your gift and flower needs, you can order online securely with us at
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Friday, August 25, 2006

Ten Reasons to using a Real Florist

Many phone directories and websites route shoppers to fictitious flower shops. Often times, customers are connected to a telemarketer who takes the order, subtracting service fees and commissions. Then they pass the order along to a local flower shop at reduced value to the florist and the customer. Be sure to always verify the address of a "local" florist; your money will go much further and you will be dealing with the actual local florist who will be delivering your floral gift.

Top Ten Reasons to Order from a "Real" Florist

1. Ensure Maximum Value

* Save on extra service fees by cutting out the middleman.

2. Speak Directly To a Real Florist

* Find out what flowers and plants are in season, what looks particularly good, or whether any blooming plants may be planted outdoors later.
* Have a custom design created to your specifications.

3. Communicate Special Requests

* Does the recipient have any favorite flowers? Any dislikes?
* Should the recipient be called prior to delivery?
* Is the recipient hard of hearing, or slow answering the door?
* Is one entrance better than another?

4. Select Additional Gift Items

* Many flower shops also carry unique gift lines, such as candy, potpourri, figurines, plush animals or candles, which can be added to your order or sent independently.

5. Get Same-Day Delivery - If Possible

* Call early to get same day delivery without incurring additional delivery charges.

6. Pay Accurate and Appropriate Delivery Charges - No More, No Less

* Pay the right local delivery fee without having it deducted from the value of your order.
* Some locations, such as gated communities or certain businesses may require an additional charge.

7. Familiarity With Local Delivery Regulations

* Hospitals, funeral homes, schools and businesses may have delivery cut-off times or size limitations.
* Hospitals in particular often limit the size, quantity, or types of balloons that can be delivered.

8. Familiarity With Local Funeral Customs

* In some areas a standing spray of flowers is customary, while in others a basket of flowers is most appropriate.
* In smaller towns, a local florist may know what has already been ordered or sent to the funeral, and can then help you choose something different.

9. Establish A Relationship With The Flower Shop For Future Orders

* Many shops offer a reminder service for sending flowers at special occasions. Your local florist will be able to help you with a floral gift in another part of the country through their affiliation with a reliable wire service usually offered at no additional cost to you, one of the services they offer so that you'll use them for other floral gift giving.

Only nine reasons, you ask? The tenth is simple and universal:

10. Everyone Loves To Receive Flowers!

Research conducted by Rutgers University and the Society of American Florists indicates that flowers have an immediate impact on the happiness of the recipient, have a long-term positive effect on people's moods, and increase the connections among family and friends. Not only that, but a study by researchers at Texas A & M University shows that flowers and plants improve productivity, innovation, and creativity in the workplace.