Monday, November 07, 2011

To A Dear Classmate

When one hears of a death of a friend, the initial reaction is of disbelief, it can't be, "she's too young." And then you learn that she's been ill for quite a while. For loved ones, when death occurs, even if there's ample time to accept to the eventual end, it still comes as a shock. Loved ones can be overwhelmed with anguish and deep grief. For most of us who have religious beliefs and faith, when death finally comes after a prolonged period of illness,we say "It's a blessing, she hasn't had a meaningful life for a long time." And we believe God has called her to rest. But for the rest of us that are left behind, we get the sobering fact that we are mere mortals, that we will eventually die. And for me, I feel so sorry I have not known my classmate was living and working in a city next to mine, that I have discovered where she has been upon her death. I am sad for what could have been.
Good bye Myrna Ray Orduna Amis and may the Lord bless and keep your family and friends you left behind.