Friday, June 16, 2006

Florist in Sacramento CA you can rely on for prompt delivery

Could be that it slipped your mind about a father's day gift. You thought about it a couple days ago, but got distracted. Did you know that you can call a florist for gift suggestion, then the florist hand delivers your gift for you the same day you call? Most local florist will have their address prominently displayed on their website, so you can either call or visit and see the wide variety of gifts offered. In a rush, call a local family owned florist. Avoid the florists listed on the search engines that offer free delivery. These are mostly ecommerce businesses that do not know the Sacramento area; they take your order, charge for handling, then sends your order to a local florist. The handling fee is kept by the ecommerce business, so the delivering florist will have to deduct delivery fee from the price of the bouquet or gift. A list of true local florists in Sacramento is here Sacramento CA Florists Directory

Monday, June 05, 2006

New at blogging

I'm new at this, I read blogs, but haven't done any 'til now. Been busy trying to attract new customers at my site, I think the price of gas/oil is keeping people away from shopping. It boggles me that the stock traders are able to manipulate the price of oil based on their assumptions; there's plenty of oil, not just enough refineries to process oil. I hope that someone gets a product out there to replace gas, to discover new source of energy for everyday use. Well, graduation is near for area high schools in Sacramento. We should be grateful that there are kids that work hard to finish high school or college and become active contributing citizens.