Saturday, September 30, 2006

Homecoming is Upon Us

The corsages and boutonniers have been picked up and the kids are now currently enjoying and having fun at their homecoming dances. Next week another school will have their homecoming. We will again be busy making corsages and boutonniers for teenagers this time for Rio Americano High School. This will also be the first time that the football game will be held at the school, a true "home' game against River City High School. The Rio Raiders had always had their home games at El Camino Fundamental School, and for the first time in Rio's history, they'll really be playing at home. The game is on Oct. 7, Saturday; JV starts at 11 a.m., Varsity starts at 1 pm. It will be a very interesting day in the history of Rio Americano H.S. I'm glad the hard work of the parents of athletes will finally be paid off. I'm glad my son who's a senior varsity will experience the thrill of being in the first batch to play in their home turf. GO RAIDERS!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Fall flowers and foliage usher the start of the holidays

Fall Candy Corn
The weather has started to calm down, the temperature in Sacramento did not even reach the 90's - it was breezy, easy and generally very nice day to spend outdoors. You'll see kids playing outdoors, riding their bikes or scooters, and adults taking afternoon walks. It's a very nice relief from the sweltering temperatures of summer.
Don't forget the Grandparents on September 10th, Sunday. To all the grandparents, Happy Grandparents Day, enjoy it because you deserve it. For the rest of us, let us show our love and appreciation, visit or take them out for dinner or something.
It is not Fall yet, but I'm rejoicing that it's almost here!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Send a long lasting gift and fresh air - send a plant

Sacramento florist peace lily plant
Aside from flowers, most florists offer plants as gifts. One plant that is usually recommended for gift giving is a hardy ever blooming indoor plant commonly called Peace Lily or spathiphylum.
This tropical evergreen perennial not only tolerates the low light and dry conditions found in most homes, it actually makes the indoors healthier! When NASA did a study on ’sick building’ syndrome, peace lilies were rated among the top ten air cleaning plants for interiors.
Lovely when flowering, no home should be without the peace lily’s elegant lance shaped leaves and snowy blooms.

Peace Lily Plant