Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sacramento Wedding Flowers -A Style for every Bride

In the past, many of the decisions made during the planning were based around traditions. Today, we still incorporate tradition, but often, contemporary weddings now showcase the individuality of the brides and also of the grooms.
Despite the explosion of individuality, one tradition endures: Fresh flowers remain at the heart of the event, symbolizing its beauty and solemnity.
Flowers provide the bride a beautiful opportunity to express her own unique style.
10 Things to Know before you consult your florist
  1. Your wedding budget, including the amount available for flowers.
  2. Your vision or concept of the event.
  3. The style and color of your dress.
  4. Number of attendants and the style and color of their outfits.
  5. Other people who will need flowers such as flower girl/s, mothers and grandmothers, sponsors, etc,
  6. Location and time of the ceremony and reception
  7. Any restrictions imposed at the ceremony and reception.
  8. Format of the reception, i.e., sit down dinner, buffet, etc.
  9. The floral styles you like. Bring magazine pictures, bouquet styles, and mention to the florist what flowers you don't like.
  10. The services you need the florist to provide, such as transporting the flowers from the ceremony to the reception, etc.

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