Monday, August 28, 2006

Roses for you

Roses are men's best friend. Men order roses for their special girl for birthdays, anniversaries, or just a pick-me-up for down days. For proms, most order corsage of roses. My brother-in-law have beautiful rose plants in his yard in Vallejo. Most of his roses are the hybrid type. My husband bought me a rose plant one valentine's day because he said he'll be saving a ton of money by having fresh roses from the garden every valentines day. Unfortunately, we lived in WA state then, and the rose bush produced flowers only during summer when there was less rain, and the sun peeked more often.
There are several types of roses:
- Floribunda - used in landscapes because these have showy clusters of flowers on top of the stems.
- Grandiflora - rose flowers are larger than those of the Floribunda, have multiple flowers on a single stem and can grow tall.
- Shrub rose - used in landscapes because of their shrub character, stays evergreen during winter.
- Miniature - sometimes called baby roses, perfect for containers, good container plant for gift giving.
- Hybrid Tea - This is the florist-type rose because it has a single flower on long stems, but generally prone to disease, so these need a lot of care.
- Groundcover rose- can grow to 3 ft tall but spreads to 6 to 8 ft., disease resistant and stays evergreen during mild winters.

The most fragrant cut rose is lavender, however, this opens up quickly and don't last long.

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