Saturday, November 15, 2008

Local Florist in Sacramento

The presidential election is over, and it looks like the $650 million plus dollars in campaign contributions worked and the source of the contributions would not be looked into. However, people's attention is now directed to the poor economy.
There are several floral shops that have now closed because of the economic situation we're in. Those of us that are open are just trying to hang in there and hope to survive until the economy improves.
In the meantime, we try to be creative and innovative with our floral designs, our plants, and gift offerings to differentiate ourselves from grocery stores, big box or hardware stores. We are a local florist where brides can get affordable bridal bouquets at a very affordable price, a local florist that out of town customers can call for last minute orders for delivery in the metro Sacramento, Ca area, Roseville and Elk Grove.

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