Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sacramento, CA is in a sad state

As a small business owner, it is hard not to worry in this shaky economy. I especially fear that a lot of small businesses will have difficulty surviving if Obama gets elected. He speaks so eloquently, but that's because he has teleprompter in fron of him, but when he doesn't, he stumbles with his words. It looks like he is so pessimistic about the situation, but doesn't really have a solution to speak of. He can't even decide if the government's action on AIG was the right thing or wrong move to take, and he thinks AIG is American Insurance Group. It is scary, and then his VP says that it is "patriotic" to pay more taxes. That is scary!
Here in Sacramento, CA, there are people demonstrating and demanding that they be allowed to use financial aid and pay in-state fees to go to college. These people are illegal immigrants! My first born couldn't and wasn't eligible for in-state fees and financial aid so she stayed in WA state when we moved to Sacramento, CA. We are Americans, and we didn't demand that our children be afforded in-state college fee even if we worked hard and paid taxes to the government. How could illegal immigrants have the nerve to demonstrate and demand benefits they do not deserve?

I hope that there are more people that realize that the Democratic candidates will cause them more harm, than good. That they realize, that McCain and Palin are sincere and speak from their heart and gut and really will try hard to improve the US government.

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