Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Small Sacramento Florist in a Shaky Economy

The headlines scream with gloom and doom, the Democrats blaming the Bush government for the financial crisis and the media wondering and sort of implying that there will be more large banks that will be affected after the rescue of AIG, and showing how the world is very much affected.

So, in our small corner of the world, how are we being affected?

The last few days, there have been fewer people buying flowers from our flower shop. The phone calls were mostly solicitation calls, people trying to sell their services from credit card processing, to website promotion, search marketing optimization, and a lot of hang-up calls.

The election is very much distressing to small business people like us. Being in a blue state with a large number of electoral votes, and a lot of outspoken liberal actors, I fear and I'm angry that people are not only convinced about the Democrats, but are also so very negative and derogatory towards the Republican candidate and his VP choice.

I just read about an article on the root of this financial crisis. Bernake's report implies that the congress in the Clinton era had a very big hand in the root of this crisis. That's why Obama is very much against investigating the cause of this crisis, while McCain is demanding a commission. And whoever is elected will not have much to do to solve it. The congress, majority of which is democrats, has a much more active role in working on the financial regulations. It's a scary thought to have the democrats get elected, it's not good for small business owners like us. There might not be too many Mom & Pops survive the many regulations, taxations, and other expenses specially since they plan to fund more social issues, better and more benefits to illegal immigrants who get better financial aid for their illegal immigrant children while my children have to struggle to support themselves in college because they are not qualified and they are American born to American parents and they speak English but can't speak Spanish. While we have to purchase our own health insurance, the Democrats finance benefits for illegals to get free medical care.

I hope and pray that the red states come through for the Republicans. McCain is a real American, he's more for fiscal responsibility, spending only the money that you have, and he's been fighting pork barrel earmarks for a long time. He has shown how hard working he is for the American people, he also has been able to get the other side work with him. It's too scary to be lead by a person that is there because of the support of millions of dollars from Fannie Mae and Freddie mac, and the influential movie moguls who are so liberal and too too to the left.

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