Sunday, December 28, 2008

Flower Delivery in Sacramento, Buy Local

In this time of economic turmoil, it is hard to tolerate retail companies who take a customer’s money without fully disclosing who they are or where their money goes. In particular I’m referring to companies who pose as local florists, but in fact, are just order-gatherers. They appear in the phone book as “Flowers in Sacramento” or “Sacramento Florist” or something similar. Most of the time they are only a local phone number attached to an out-of-state order desk. They take the order, charge big service or delivery fees, then assure the customer that they will process and deliver the order as specified. Little does the customer know what happens next.

The order-gatherer will attempt to find a real florist in the delivery area who will do the work for a discounted price. The discount is hefty. Many times the local florist who fills the order will only get 73% of the order value to actually fill the order. So, for example, if you order a $50 arrangement, you will pay $50 plus a $15.00 delivery or service fee plus tax, or about $70 for the order. The filling florist will get about $48.00 to fill and deliver your order. (You have to ask yourself, how motivated would I be to work for 73% of my wage?) The order-gatherer gets about $22.00 just for answering the phone and taking the order.

There’s an easy way to save money when ordering flowers out-of-town. An Internet search on “flowers Sacramento, CA”, for example, will yield an abundant list of florists, but be careful. Select a florist who has a street address in the ZIP code of the recipient. This will guarantee you have selected a real florist who has a real shop, and who will make and deliver your arrangement, usually at a lower cost than an order-gatherer. If you can’t find a street address associated with the phone number, chances are there isn’t one. This is the first tip-off that the business is just an order-gatherer, not a real florist.

So there you have it. You win with a real florist every time. No “buds” about it!

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