Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Valentines Day - Express your Feelings with Flowers

Often times finding the right words to express feelings and emotions is difficult. This Valentines Day, how can you best say what is in your heart and on your mind? Flowers can help. Considered the universal language by many, flowers transcend emotional, racial, and national barriers to express a wide variety of feelings.

The following is a list of contemporary meaning commonly associated with the color of roses:
  • Red - true love, passion, I love you
  • Yellow - happiness, friendship, freedom
  • Pink - sweetness, gentleness, grace, joy
  • Bright pink - thankfulness
  • Peach - sincerity
  • Orange - fascination, enthusiasm
  • White - purity and innocence
  • Lavender - enchantment, love at first sight

Valentine's Day is a very busy time for flower shops, so be sure to give your local florist plenty of advance notice, most especially if you want to send a specific color or variety of rose. It's also a good idea to have a second choice in mind. And remember that your local florist can arrange for roses to be delivered out of town, too. Consider having the flowers delivered a day or two early. It will make easier for your florist to give you the best selection and service, and it will let your Valentine know that you just couldn't wait to get your message across.


Unknown said...

It is really hard to express your feelings with someone you love.If you can't express it in words,express it through flowers..!
thank you for sharing the meaning of those flowers.
Do you have some meaning of other flowers?

Chris Mosquera
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philippines flower shop said...

I am definitely agree with you chris,flowers can help to express our feelings.

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