Saturday, February 28, 2009

Send a Smile, Send Flowers

We received 2 orders for tulips today, one was for an arrangement of hot pink tulip, another was for lavender tulips. However, we only had pink tulips available, so that's what we delivered. One recipient (in Citrus Heights, CA) said, it couldn't be for valentine's, because it's long been over, and it's not her birthday either. But she was happy to get one anyway, it was a nice surprise.  The other delivery was made for a ladyin Carmichael, CA who just lost a loved one. She was very happy to get the flowers and even gave the driver a tip. The flowers not only gave a smile to her face, it also gave the driver a real big smile for the tip. Now, if only more people order direct from a local Sacramento florist, not only will they have a smile for the affordability, but also give them more satisfaction when they hear the "thank you" from the recipient. See our Spring Tulips

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