Friday, April 04, 2008

A Little Flower Shop in Sacramento, CA

Most small business owners in the Sacramento area are looking for ways to drum up business. As a small business owner, I get so much phone calls from telemarketers promising to send business my way. One caller claimed their directory gets thousands of potential customers, claiming that they get a lot of web surfers searching for Sacramento florists. One company asked me to type certain keywords to show that their directory is on the top listing. Trouble is they are asking so much money, money that will eat up into the small budget that we small business owners work with.
Another caller used the same line, a promise to send more customers to our website. They can optimize our site and we'll find our site on the top listing on the search engines within a week. It's annoying sometimes to get so many calls each day of the week, taking our precious time on our main business - which is retailing of flowers and gifts and looking for simple and affordable ways to attract more business.

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