Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In the Loss of Life

Death is inevitable, but for those of us who are left behind, we are not always prepared when it happens. As a florist, we see a lot of death, from a distance. The bereaved come in to order flowers to honor their loved one or friends and relatives that are far away call for their flower order either for delivery to the family home or to the service at a church or a funeral home.

Last week, a sister of the deceased came in to order flowers for the memorial service. She mentioned that the family is raising funds for the funeral by doing car washes and appealing to their church for help. A church member came in the next day to put in a deposit. The living sister called and promised to pay the rest the next day. However, the day of the memorial, I called but there was no answer. Two hours before the memorial service, she called to say that her mother went to another florist and ordered flowers. She proceeded to say she'll come in to pay for the rest of her balance, but that we don't have to deliver the flowers. I told her, since we haven't yet delivered the flowers, she doesn't have to come in to pay for the flowers. I wonder what the family is going through and it seems that the loss of their loved one has created misunderstanding and hard feelings.

I usually go through the Obituary section of the paper. A week ago, I saw that one of our accounts lost her husband. I knew he was going through cancer treatments, yet, the news of his death still took me by surprise. Yesterday, I saw that another of our good customers just passed away. I know she's old and lost her husband last year. Her husband used to buy flowers for her and her children, now they're both gone and it saddens me because I have lost two dear friends.

What helps in the healing process is my faith in God and saying a prayer for the loved ones of the deceased. It also reminds me to be grateful of my living dear friends, relatives and loved ones.

Gentle Thoughts by Sacramento Florist

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