Friday, March 05, 2010

Sacramento Florist Going Green

Flowers bring the romance with all its fragrance - sweet, soft, or strong scent, and they come in really pretty colors, and in many shapes. This month of March brings the color GREEN for the St. Patrick's Day celebration. We use green carnations, green mums, green gladiola and lots of greenery in our arrangements.

St. Patrick's Day brings us all to wearing green even if we're not Irish. We celebrate it on Thursday, March 17, 2010. And to all the Patricks and Patricias or Patty's, we celebrate your day with you!
Let's drink Ale to that!

And speaking of green, we either put the stems and leaves cut off from our flowers and greens into the green pile and into the greens trash bin but mostly into our compost pile. We recycle all our newspaper and the paper wrappings that our flowers are wrapped with by the wholesalers and all the cardboard boxes that our vases come in. We try to be responsible stewards of our environment and our land.

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