Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer of Recovery?

Summer of recovery? It's a statement coming from the government, repeated by the POTUS and the VPOTUS as they stomp around the country campaigning and fund raising. Is it really a summer of recovery?

We made a delivery the other day to a small shop. My husband stayed a while to visit with the store manager and asked how business is going. He said that business is really slow and they have experienced several theft that they have a new policy that customers have to leave their handbag at the front desk. He also mentioned that there's another small business which now locks their doors and have their customers ring their doorbell to get in to get their service. The Teriyaki Place we loved to go for lunch didn't survive, they finally closed in June. I suspect another flowershop closed because I got 3 phone calls this week from people seeking employment. Ever since I was burglarized, I've started locking my doors and have customers ring the doorbell if they need flowers. Besides, most of my customers make their flower order over the phone or on the web.
Here in Sacramento, our economy depend so much on state and government employees. For small businesses like a flower shop, our fear is that business will be affected negatively with the impending furloughs. Furloughs ended in June but because of the inability of the legislators to come up with a budget on time, the governor uses the state employees as pawns.
So, is it a summer of recovery? Most small business owners don't think so, especially when you know personally someone who is laid off.

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