Sunday, July 08, 2012

My Job as a Florist

Owning a business in this economy has been a challenge. During summer, business is somewhat spotty. For flowershops, summer is a period for a little rest from the hectic days of spring when there are holidays like Mother's Day and Easter, school dances, graduations, and weddings. And for established florists, the corporate accounts and weekly standing orders help keep the business afloat, and the website helps put us on the map too. As a florist, we not only arrange flowers, we are also advisers to people who have no idea of what to send, for a birthday, or a new baby, a get well or a sympathy. We are also Planners - we plan what flowers we need to purchase, what supplies we are low of, other items such as plants, balloons, plush, etc. to buy and which suppliers to use. In a small shop, sometimes all the jobs are handled by one person, the owner; jobs including cleaning, display design, marketing, sales, customer service, web maintenance, bookkeeping, etc. The most rewarding is the ability to practice the art of flower designing. There's a satisfaction in seeing the result - a happy smile from the recipient of the flowers.

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