Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beautiful Orchids

Orchids are instinctively synonimous to the island state of Hawaii. The exotic orchids have a lot of species, and some of the smaller orchids are native to Hawaii, and most of all the orchids today have been introduced by Polynesians arriving in Hawaii a long time ago, then the orchids have been hybridized by farmers experimenting and adding thousands of various species.

Most orchids need little more than moisture-laden air to survive. Masters of adaptation, orchids grow in semi-arid desert, marsh and swamp, from the sub-arctic to the tropics.

If beauty can hypnotize and inspire perfection, the orchid must be oe of the proofs. Under the tropic sun, nourished by moist humid air, it is an elegant tribute to the image of Hawaii-as-Paradise.

Send one to someone as a gift, a gesture of appreciation, or for any occasion.

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