Wednesday, April 11, 2007

June weddings

The wedding has been announced .... which creates the excitement and the flurry of planning the "day". A florist is usually thought of later down the line closer to the set date. As professional florists, we would like to know the bride better, assess her personality, style and taste and appearance, so that we will be effective in helping her not only with the flowers but other details that she might otherwise overlook in the process. The most important information we need to know is the date, time and location of the wedding, and the color scheme and or theme. When planning to see and meet your florist be prepared to provide these following information:
1. Date, times and venues, and when are the flowers needed for picture taking, what time could the florist start setting up decorations.
2. What is the color scheme, and what flowers are preferred.
3. How big is the wedding, is it an intimate one, a grand wedding, in other words, what is the budget for flowers.
May and June are the busiest times of the year for weddings. Most florists like us, prefer to book only one wedding per weekend. That way, we can concentrate on providing the best service for that one special bride. I highly recommend that you see your favorite florist soon after you've decided on a date, so that you can book the date with the florist. The months of May and June are the months that florists are busy because of high school dances and proms, and Mother's day. If at all possible avoid getting married a week before or during Mother's Day. Most florists will have their attention on fulfulling mother's day orders and high school prom corsages and bouttoniers.
Good Luck!

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