Saturday, March 17, 2007

Proms, corsages and boutonniers

It's prom and school dance season and kids can't seem to get it together. My son knew he was going to the school dance on Friday. His friend called at 1 pm wanting to know if I can have a corsage and boutonnier made and "by the way, your son is going too, so he needs one set too."

Today, I was about to close the store for the weekend at 3:30 and here comes a Mom and his son wanting a corsage. So, I make one and charge him a little more than I would have charged him if it was pre-ordered at least a day in advance.

Somehow, the scene of this Mom and son reminds me of Anna Nicole and her son Danny. I know for a fact how a mother grieves for the loss of a son. My mother grieved so much when my brother died at 9 months old, she was inconsoloble for a long period of time. But, unlike Anna, my mom had a family support system. They were there to take care of the other small kids, and whatever household chore that got neglected. For Anna Nicole, she was not left alone by the media, they did not give her space and time to grieve. Her mother did not extend her hand to help, instead she was out attacking her own daughter and accusing her and her partner for the demise of Danny. And then she tried to stop the burial so she can take Anna's body to Texas knowing full well that Anna wanted to be with her son. What was Virgie thinking? She's a mother and a grandmother, but is her motivation driven by grief of a daughter's loss or greed for the potential inheritance? She did not seem loving at all when she was out in public talking about her grandson's death. For a normal person, she should have tried to extend her helping hand to her grieving daughter; she should have tried to avoid the press; or should at least be quiet and give her daughter the chance to grieve. If she did that, people might just have been more sympathetic to her when Anna died instead of being booed. I feel sorry for her for the loss of her daughter, she's still a mother who lost a child.

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