Wednesday, February 08, 2017

It's February!

It's February , and it seems like the year 2017 has just started, and getting used to writing down 2017.  This month, there are so many birthdays to celebrate starting the first day of the month. Two great presidents - Abraham Lincoln's birthday is on the 12th, George Washington's is on the 22nd; and then there's Valentine's Day.

For florists, preparing for a one day holiday begins in the middle of January or earlier. The wholesalers send their catalogue of supplies - like vases, baskets, decorated with hearts, mostly colored in bright reds, and pinks. And the flower wholesalers send their lists of roses and other flowers, mostly volume pricing but still increased significantly from the prices for non-holidays. Retail shops, the big box stores are at this time all decorated with Valentine themes -

                                                                  I Love you Balloons

and lots and lots of ROSES

                                                Roses andTulips and other Flowers

It is a very lovely month, and there is a lot of loving this month of February. Happy Valentine's!

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