Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ms. Quest, Our Flower Delivery Partner

Ms. Quest had tantrums when my sister finally passed her on to us. She must have felt the same way my sister felt who shed tears when she handed the keys and papers to us. My sister wanted us to have her but it took 4+ years for her to finally give her up. She was hesitant to give her up, but we had lost our delivery van to an accident. The driver of a big SUV run a red light and hit our van which was travelling at the speed limit of 45 mph. Our car was totaled and my driver/husband was hospitalized.

Back to Ms. Quest, fortunately her tantrums happened when it was at a safe location, like the flower shop which is next to auto repair shops. After, a month, it stalled a block away from the shop after all deliveries were completed for the day. It was in the repair shop for a week. Ms. Quest run so well after getting fixed, carrying a lot of birthday flowers, wedding flowers near and far, funeral flowers to cemeteries, funeral homes, churches, event halls, flowers to welcome newborns in hospitals and homes, get well flowers to cheer people who were not well and weekly trips to assisted living homes to cheer seniors with fresh flowers to adorn their dining rooms and reception areas.

A year ago, early in the morning, we drove to the wholesaler to pick up our stock of flowers for the week. When it was time to make a delivery, it didn't want to start. I was grateful that it did not break down on us on our trip to the wholesaler or on our trip back to the shop. Upon diagnosis, the starter was the problem. It was fixed after a week, and it purred like a happy kitten. It even took me to Berkeley and back to see my girlfriends.

Over the weekend, after a long day out delivering funeral flowers, event flowers at the Convention Center, birthday flowers and sympathy flowers for the family of a young man shot to death by a robber at an auto parts store, on it's way home, at a traffic light, it made a loud clunking sound when the light turned green and it was supposed to accelerate to go. Fortunately, it was not too far from home and one of our son's roommates was available to do the rescue.

I was at church when the car quit, so I was unavailable to help. I am very grateful for the service Ms. Quest has given us and for always quitting on us in safe areas. I am sure my God is looking over Ms. Quest and us in taking good care of this 1995 van and in keeping us safe and helping us complete all our flower deliveries. Goodbye Ms. Quest

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