Saturday, December 03, 2011

Bringing Beauty and Hospitality In Your Home

During this holiday, you get to be invited to friends' and relatives' homes. And when you enter a house and are greeted by the sight of fresh flowers, you know at once you are in a home where beauty and hospitality are important.

The familiar phrase - "Say it with flowers" - becomes meaningful because flowers do say special things - often very hard to find the right words.

Flowers are very pleasing to the eye and when set on the dining table, help whet the appetite, and express that the meal signifies a very special event, a celebration of frienship, the bond and love of family, and on this holiday, the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

So many of the things in the world today are mass produced, but the flowers that adorn the table are usually hand arranged individually by a florist near you.

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