Saturday, October 16, 2010

Flowers for a funeral

It is common knowledge that death is inevitable but when it comes, no one is ready for it's occurence specially for those that are left behind. Then, not all deaths is the same; some are logical and some are illogical. It seems it would be easier to cope when a loved one has lived a long and fruitful life and dies quietly in his/her sleep. If a death was so sudden and tragic, the love ones left behind will require more to cope with their loss. To express sympathy and sincere compassion, and respect for the deceased, sending flowers is very appropriate .

Flowers bring comfort to the loved ones left behind to grieve and commemorate the life of the deceased. They provide a beautiful and thoughtful distraction from the grief of survivors. They express gratitude for life and for the privilege of knowing the departed. And sympathy designs (flowers sent for a funeral) ought to be as special and unique as the life of the person they memorialize. To suggest that flowers are trivial or unimportant to the grieving process is to deny the truth of their message: life always goes on.

In some obituaries, the words "in lieu of flowers" are mentioned seemingly suggesting that flowers are not important. The same sentiment would never be expressed with respect to the dead. And while a contribution to charity in the name of the deceased is always a fitting tribute, the value and importance of flowers sent in sympathy can never be understated. Of course, you can rely on your local florist to help you express your sympathy; they will deliver flowers with your comforting message of condolence and your love and concern.

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