Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas in Sacramento, CA

With a 6 year old at home, we get reminded of how soon Christmas will be here, the number of days until Christmas and until Santa comes to drop off presents. Every morning we hear the same excitement and joy from our 6 year old. It's a good thing because it gets hectic during the day. Just going to work and coming home, the traffic on Watt Ave. is so busy especially around the shopping centers starting from Arden until Marconi. It's the same story on I80 towards Roseville.
For those that want to avoid traffic and the hassle of going to the malls and looking for parking space, there's an alternative. Visit your local florists - they have unique gift items that they can put in a gift basket, creatively packaged and delivered, or check their website; some offer specials for your website order, or give the florist a call.
Order flowers or plants for people that have everything. They'll appreciate that they received something that won't add to the clutter in their closet.

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