Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Flower musings

I had a call from an elderly customer about roses his wife received from her nephew a couple days ago. They came in a nice box from and now the flowers were bent, wilting even if her vase has a lot of water. We prepared a nice arrangement of a dozen roses in a mixture of colors, with fern, nice greenery and babies breath to accent the roses. We delivered the arrangement to her which she was so grateful for. We took the wilting roses to the shop and the instructions that came with the roses. I wonder if the elderly lady has the inclination to arrange her own flowers. The roses did not come with greenery or accents! I wonder how much was charged for the roses and the delivery. We cut the stems under water then put these in warm water with flower solution. 2 hours later, the roses were straight up and looked good especially since these were in the right size vase with greenery and accents. Who would send an old lady a dozen roses and expect her to arrange the flowers herself?

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